Government Solutions

Public institutions, civil governement agencies and defense corps depend on secure and reliable communications to achieve mission success.


Whether their operations focus on emergency response, humanitarian aid, intelligence, security or defense, governments need high performance communications solutions which are flexible, robust and rapidly put in place.



When a disaster strikes (terrorism attack, earthquake or any other crisis situation), public institutions need to deploy emergency teams quickly and efficiently into the field to ensure civilian safety.
During these crises, conventional networks are usually saturated or discontinued. Satellite solutions are the only reliable way to maintain communications at all times.


Public sector staff can greatly benefit from the availability of satellite phones, portable modems or quickly-deployed VSAT solutions to obtain voice and/or data connectivity to make sure that first response is adequately deployed and co-ordinated.




All our phones, accessories, modems and VSAT antennas are designed to provide instant communications and to remain operational even in the most inhospitable locations: extreme heat or cold, ice or sand storm, humidity, etc…


Welfare and diplomatic services


Our satellite-based solutions support diplomatic staff during overseas missions providing a secure way to stay connected to their friends and family in any situation and location.
Many of our systems also provide GPS location features, so that your workforce can be located easily and provided with assistance, if needed.


Deploy effective communication network to enhance local public services


  • Elections

Improve collection of local or national voting results thanks to a secure and guaranteed data connection ensuring accurate and fast information is relayed to the public

  • Health & Telemedicine

Provide operational medical staff with reliable and quickly deployable voice and video systems to help accelerate the diagnostics process and co-ordination of medical aid.

  • Security

Bring fast and easy to use telecommunication solutions to police and border patrols enabling instant reporting of an incident at any time



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24/7 Global Technical Support

Completely independent from terrestrial or cellular network

Flexible & adapted airtime plans

GPS Functionnality

Can be easily and quickly sent by text and ensure that your staff is secured

High Data Rate for IP streaming available

Large range of available terminals

Maximum mobility on the field

Our mobile solutions for voice and data enables on-the-move connectivity for operational teams

Reliable communications services

Focus on your mission, we take care of your telecommunications. You can rely on our solutions at any time and any place.

Secured Telecommunications services

Worldwide Coverage

You can rely on our solutions wherever you need