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Thuraya Atlas IP

Thuraya Atlas IP provides vessels with specially designed, fully standards-compliant maritime satellite terminals that support voice and broadband IP data at up to 444 kbps.

Thuraya Atlas IP also provides asymmetric streaming connection of 16 kbit / s to 384 kbit / sec (guaranteed bandwidth).

Thuraya Atlas IP is available with attractive and flexible tariff plans and airtime can be used for high volume load information, the use of low-level or reverse VSAT solutions. The device provides a number of features designed to support maritime communications and improve work at sea.

Advanced Billing System: OptiSIM

Flexible & adapted airtime plans

Reliable communications services

Peace-of-mind telecommunications solution - You can rely on it at any time

Streaming IP Connectivity

Guaranteed bandwidth to use video conferencing applications

Usage control

Optimized satellite connection with full control and visibility for the ship owner or manager