Thuraya and IEC Telecom provide vital satellite communication to Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology (KAPE)

26 December, 2018

With more than 550 projects, KAPE is the region’s largest independent consulting company for environmental protection and management. Since 2014, KAPE has come to rely on Thuraya for all its work in the Caspian Sea and has a long-term agreement with IEC Telecom. All vessels in KAPE’s fleet operate on the Thuraya Orion Edge solution and IEC Telecom’s value-added services.


Guaranteed communication has critically supported KAPE’s work with crews staying in touch with onshore management, teams discussing project priorities and quickly exchanging massive amounts of data to generate usable scientific findings. Further, the Thuraya Orion Edge solution has helped KAPE to monitor usage and control budgets with an estimated 70% faster information transfer. “Thuraya Orion Edge is a crucial factor in our ability to conduct our work successfully,” says Fedor Klimov, Production Director, KAPE. Moreover, crews are able to use their own phones onboard to make calls, access social media, and use the Thuraya SF2500 as a safety back-up for emergency communications.


In 2017, the North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) authorized KAPE to monitor its production processes in the Caspian Sea for the first major offshore oil and gas deposits development project in Kazakhstan. As KAPE monitors air and water quality as well as waste production, Thuraya and IEC Telecom are empowering the vision to protect the unique and fragile ecosystem of the world’s largest salt lake with vital satellite solutions.