As an expert in satellite-based telecommunications, IEC Telecom has a clear understanding of customers’ needs and usage requirements, in many different industries.


This experience has allowed us to develop a complete range of value-added services enabling better use of satellite equipment and airtime.


OptiCLOUD provides a simple way to actively manage bandwidth volume and monitor usage of your SIM cards fleet.



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OptiCLOUD available applications:





Satellite links are a valuable and rare resource which must be available when needed for mission critical applications.
Unwanted usage can easily monopolize a link and weaken the security of the network thus compromising its ability to fill its main purpose.



While user’s abroad need to stay in touch with their families and access various resources on the Internet, some behavior like peer to peer In order to address the above issues. IEC Telecom Group is offering state of the art usage control tools that will enable a head office telecom/ IT manager to monitor and restrict usage of any links. Several usage control processes can be implemented:



  • White list:
    The most restrictive level ; it involves a list of allowed websites. All other browsing is unavailable.
    Example :this can be used to allow only access to corporate websites such as webmail or intranet.


  • Smart filters:
    Smart filters are much like white lists except that restrict certain categories of websites. IEC Telecom Group uses a technology whose editor is permanently updating and maintaining the list of websites and classifying their content. This is much more flexible than white lists because they evolve with accuracy, following the appearance of new websites.
    Example of websites categories that could be banned: adult material or offending content, video streaming (Youtube, Live TV…), etc…


  • Application filters:
    The application filter uses Deep Packet inspection (DPI) in order to protect managed desktops and servers by allowing or denying network application usage based on established policies.


  • Threat control:
    This Service provides enhanced threat analysis support. Traffic behaviour is screened against a list of known viruses and malware and help network administrators to monitor the health status of the hosts within the network. An alarm is triggered to a specific email when a known threat is spotted.






All IEC Telecom data airtime traffic going through our proprietary infrastructure is eligible to compression and acceleration. This technology has been specifically designed for satellite and deals with the high latency that would normally prevent users from benefitting from the full potential of their links.



This optimization mechanism is improving the end user experience by limiting the effects of latency on TCP applications. Real-time applications can save up to 50% of bandwidth usage and even more on redundant content. This works on any TCP application including video streaming, browsing and even peer to peer traffic.




Thanks to this OptiCLOUD feature, you can highly reduce your airtime costs or increase usage time while benefiting from a satisfying user experience.





IEC Telecom Group’s OptiCLOUD portfolio includes an advanced statistics collector and reporting system. The traffic from your assets (SIM cards fleet) is carefully collected and analyzed. Personalized reports can then be generated and made available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Usual monitoring systems only display the volume of traffic. IEC Telecom Group takes you one step further by revealing the content of the traffic. Knowing what applications and protocols are present will allow you to define what is useful and what is not, what should be favoured and what should be suppressed.


Traffic analysis pairs perfectly with Usage control in order to increase the ROI of your tools and the overall availability of this network.
The service includes active support from IEC Telecom Group network team in order to better define the best indicators for your business and help you when a new or temporary need arises.